Serving Michigan With Over 30 Years Experience
Comfort Guard Presents 'The Steel Advantage' HOME GUARD Entry Door Systems.
Steel Edge Construction & Polyurethane Insulation:
All HOME GUARD doors are fully insulated with an inner core of environmentally friendly polyurethane foam and offer a superior R-factor of 16.4 for the ultimate in energy conservation.
Adjustable hinge Plate System:
Exclusive hinge plates adjust up or down and in or out for a tight weather-seal against the elements.
Door Bottom Seal:
The door bottom weather-strip slides off and on for easy replacement and forms a weather-tight seal to the threshold.
Magnetic Weatherstripping:
Refrigerator technology provides a durable, tight seal to provide your round comfort.
Steel Security:
A wood edge steel door cracks under the force of one hit of a 100lb. test weight. Steel edge doors, such as Home Guard, do not force open even after seven hits of a 100lb. test weight.
Adjustable Sill:
Home Guard's adjustable sill offers the ultimate in energy efficiency. Available option: Brass-like composite adjustable sill.
All HOME GUARD doors are provided pre-finished from the factory. Choose one of the many Sherwin Williams® Acrylic Enamel backed-on finishes. Choose a different color for the inside and the outside of the door for the ultimate in color coordination. Also available as an option are painted and stained interior trim sets in oak or clear ping, in ranch or colonial style.